Getting Twisted

Weekends are long, especially as temperatures drop and we’re stuck inside all day. What better way to stay busy (and warm) than rolling up the sleeves and making some homemade pretzels?  The head baker is admittedly strict and the apprentice only had to leave and wash his hands three times during the process (and be told to get his nose out of the mixing bowl, even if he had never smelled yeast before).  Our final product  tasted like it was bought from a mall, only three times larger, softer and chewier, thanks to our lazy kneeders (it’s tiring by hand!).  But really, warm dough, melted butter and salt? What more could any person ask for.

Author: The Baba 'Hood

Brianne L. Croteau is a Huffington Post featured contributor, speaker, writer, artist, and founder of The Baba ‘Hood, a chronicle of her adventures as a “Baba”, or non-binary parent. In addition to journaling her observations on life, love, parenting, growing older and other related ridiculousness, Brianne’s work has been published in Motherly, Curve Magazine, Well Rounded NY and Tagg Magazine. She lives in a full house with her wife, two young kids, and two rascally kittens and is currently in need of a lot more sleep. Follow along at or contact her directly at Her work can also be found at

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